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Hello, I'm Thom
I currently am an part-time developer at idd.nl external-link where I work on their websites

def factorial(n)
  (2..n).reduce(1, :*)

About me

I'm a software development student at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam. Current interests are games, music, programming languages, art, reading (mainly articles on the web).

Live in the 🇳🇱 the Netherlands

I can speak fluent English and am native in Dutch.

Technologies that I know and like:

What am I learning?

What do I want to learn?

My projects

I have done a lot of small projects for school but I learned quite a lot from these projects.
Some images are dithered for both aesthetics and for functional reasons.
There are also some private things I am working on, but those are private...

Stagewebsite for GLR

Github external-link

This was a website for students to give a rating for their internship, the teachers could then see the students ratings.

Thoms blog

Github external-link

This was small website to test a css framework with. I choose bootstrap and nes.css for the frameworks.


Github external-link

A website where users can upload videos, comment on videos, subscribe to users and watch twitch livestreams. This is basically a YouTube kind of website/


Github external-link

This was an image library for people who are bird watchers. The features are minimal but the execution is excellent.

Learn things

Github external-link

This was an asignment to create a single page application using ajax. I want to do more with this website idea.

GLR Kaartjes wedstrijd

Github external-link

A website where students could enter a raffle to win tickets for a soccer event that year. It had a form, an emailing system and an admin panel.

Pizza stacker

Google play store external-link
In an article external-link

A small mobile game where you need to stack as much pizza boxes as possible. It is hosted on the google play store.

Portfolio website

Github external-link

A website for GLR students to put their work on. It has filtering in different majors. You need to be verified with an email. And a whole lot more.


You can contact me at:
thomveldhuis03 [at] gmail [dot] com or
84843 [at] glr [dot] nl
or you can contact me via twitter dms. But I like email more.
State in the subject of your mail what this is about


Some of the websites (of people) that I like. A lot of them are for articles/blogs.

I am currently making a nice list of my books on my bookshelf to put here

Some of the pixelart I made.