Welcome and thanks for visiting, I'm Thom
I currently am a part-time developer at [] where I work on their websites and a student at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Read more at {about}

def factorial(n)
  (2..n).reduce(1, :*)

About me

I'm Thom. Thank you for reading this.

I'm a student studying informatics at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Although this is my first year, I also finished a MBO study at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam (GLR) studying software development.

I'm also a part-time software developer at [], where I work on their products [] and [].

One thing I urge people to do is look into the [FSF], better known as the Free Software Foundation. This is because I care a lot about the internet and software freedom and not being exploited by the software that I use.

I live in the 🇳🇱 the Netherlands

I can speak fluent English, am native in Dutch, and struggle to learn Japanese, but I'm trying.

My projects

These are some projects I did while at school or on my own time. I picked some out where I learned something new or tried to perfect a skill or type of technology.

Personal projects



This project was to learn more about the Ruby programming language, which was intended to be helpful for organizing my bookshelf. While doing this project I learned a lot more about CSV files, Ruby and how to create templates using erb files. I would do many more things differently this time, but I think it's still a great project.

Projects at HR

These are some of the most notable projects that I did while doing my bacholers in informatics at The Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. These are a diverse set of projects in a diverse set of languages

Most of the repositories are private because of school reasons (contact me if you want more details)

Project Clubhuis (Cavero)


This is a social calendar website for an external client, the client is [cavero] which needed a problem to be fixed. We made this website using PHP (starting with ASP.Net) and React, this was the first long term project where I saw how much I progressed as a programmer. I made an API router in PHP with a little help of a tutorial, and I learned how to use it with React.

Boekenclub de Geletterde Kat


This was a website for an elective course, it's a course about making websites in Django. This was a really fun and educative course, which kinda made me fall in love with web development in Python. This project was a good learning experience for knowing how to use Django, but also how you can use a database without using queries directly.

Project B


This was the first big project we did at school, it was a project to create a console based application to book tickets for the cinema. We made it in C#, the thing I learned the most here was how to create TUI applications where you can move using the arrow keys, I also learned more about how to structure a big codebase in the MVC pattern.

Projects at GLR

These are some of the more notable projects I did for school when I was at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam; these projects all have something where I learned something new.



A website where users can upload videos, comment on videos, subscribe to users and watch live Twitch streams. This website is more or less a YouTube clone. I learned how to join multiple tables on each other and more about making a safe website.



This website was an image library for people who are bird watchers. The features are minimal, but the execution is excellent. When creating this project, I learned a lot about uploading files safely and how to do multiple file uploads.

Pizza stacker

[Google play store] [In an article]

A small mobile game where you must stack as many pizza boxes as possible. It is hosted on the google play store. It was also featured in an "article" this was the first mobile game I made, and I think it's pretty fun.

Portfolio website


A website for GLR students to put their work on. It has filtering in different majors. You need to be verified with an email. And a whole lot more. This project initially required to be done in a group of 4 in 4 weeks, but I did this alone in the same timeframe. This project taught me more about individual planning and how to make a relatively big website alone.
I would write the code differently nowadays, but this project really helped me learn.


You can contact me at:
thomveldhuis03 [at] gmail [dot] com or
1055805 [at] hr [dot] nl
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Websites I like

Some of the websites I regularly visit to read articles these are really interesting and I encourage anyone to read try reading them more.

Favorite books

Here are some of my favorite books.


       松尾 芭蕉
dithered An image of a Ming dynasty woodcut describing ancient Chinese papermaking